Director's Note
Photo: Sonny Portacio

Director's Note

In this new —and expanded—issue of Notes, we take a look back at some highlights from 2016, as well as a look forward to some of the exciting programs and activities planned for 2017. We also want to take this opportunity to thank our many volunteers, supporters and donors. We can never thank them enough.

One note, or reminder, as you read through this issue. The pages are labeled Development, Exhibitions, Programs, and Education—which is a convenient and logical way for us to present the material to you. But for staff here at the Museum, and we hope for you as well, the categories are actually interconnected. They overlap, building on and reinforcing each other—all designed to tell the story and reveal the impact of the music products industry from 1900 to today.

So let me get started by... Thanking our volunteers. Our amazing volunteers, who in 2016 contributed 7,915 total hours. That’s not a typo! We have a remarkably dedicated group of volunteers that numbers 60 active members. That’s too many to list here by name, but it’s clear that the impact of their efforts is felt throughout all the Museum’s operations, from curatorial, education, the Museum Store and development, to the front admissions desk. They do a wonderful job for us, and we can’t thank them enough.

By the way, throughout this issue of Notes, I want to mention our terrific staff as well. They are some of the best in the business, and they don’t get nearly enough credit. We’ll start with Bill Kilpatrick—or “Mr. Bill” as he is known around here—our Visitor Services Manager and often the first person you see at the Museum. Bill works closely with our volunteers, and with staff, to make sure the overall visitor experience here at the Museum is welcoming and memorable.

Finally, I want to thank NAMM and the NAMM Foundation, not only for their essential support, but also for their vision and their commitment to the values and mission of the Museum. As you read through Notes, you’ll see it’s truly a team effort here.

Carolyn Grant, Executive Director