MoMM@Home: Drum Circle Play Along

Air Date: Wednesday, April 1, 2020 @ 2:00 PM (Pacific)


We invite you to drum along with Brandon and Michelle, two very helpful volunteers at MoMM! Brandon is a drummer who will conduct our drum circle and Michelle will play her harp for you! Follow along at home for some musical fun!

Before this event, you'll want to prepare your percussion section! If you have your own drums or toy instruments feel free to use those! But if not, don't worry! There are many things that you can use as a percussion instrument. Here are a few that we suggest.

But first, what NOT to use as a percussion instrument:
• Don't use fragile objects that may shatter or break if struck or hit. These include glassware or flatware, fine china, ceramic bowls or plates, windows, mirrors, glass tabletops, etc. Also, please don't play drums on other humans, pets, or living creatures (including house plants).

What makes a good drum? Try these out for size! Different items can have different sounds!

For mallets and beaters, try using:
• A plastic spatula or spoon (wooden spoons work, too, just make sure they're sturdy!)
• When it doubt, you can always use your hands!

Drum Sounds:
• Empty plastic buckets
• Empty coffee cans
• Sturdy plastic food containers (without the lid!)

Cowbell Sounds:
• Metal pots and pans (make sure they're okay to use first!)

Shaker Sounds:
• Add some rice, dry beans, or candies to a small empty food container with a lid. You may want to secure the lid on with tape!

Come and drum with us!