Evening of Innovation

Friday, July 28, 2017
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
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    In partnership with the music software company Ableton, the Museum presents a concert exploring the role of technology in today’s electronic music. Join Ableton “Push” virtuoso and multi instrumentalist JNTHN STEIN and vocalist Sherry St. Germain for a night of groundbreaking new music.

    JNTHN STEIN is a classically trained multi-instrumentalist, producer, and arranger. As a spokesperson for Ableton’s Push controller, JNTHN is a model of how tradition and innovation collide. His live show, where he sings and performs concurrently on his Ableton Push and contrabass, showcases his talent as a multi-talented musician and performer.

    Sherry St. Germain is a classically trained, accomplished producer, singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Known for her ability to craft that perfect catchy hit, Sherry is sought after for her extensive and genre bending catalogue of music. Her most recent work includes a residency in Las Vegas working on the Cirque Du Soleil’s “Viva Elvis” production. Her stage presence has been referred to as “a cross between Janis Joplin and Erykah Badu.”

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    Brookyln-based, classically trained multi-instrumentalist JNTHN STEIN is simultaneously a producer, an arranger and a live performer. Making his mark as a founding member of beat making super group Team Supreme in LA, JNTHN has since established himself as a solo identity, emerging from the collective in his own right.

    Growing up in Oakland, a young JNTHN was exposed to soul, funk and hip-hop, with jazz influence coming from his father's professional piano playing. He studied electric and acoustic bass at high school, and participated in Jazz ensembles at the Jazzschool in Berkeley. He then attended the Manhattan School of Music and was on the path to becoming an orchestral musician until he moved into making beats as a form of escapism. He took his experience with instruments and began producing music himself.

    Introduced to Ableton's first Push controller by a friend, JNTHN was spotted using it in a live show by a representative, who offered one in exchange for feedback. JNTHN spent the next year learning the device, performing and composing, and was invited to become a spokesperson for the subsequent Push 2. This resulted in an Ableton documentary filmed in Berlin focusing on JNTHN's beat making with the Push, his singing and his contrabass playing.

    JNTHN's official debut EP 'Changes' was released on etcetc Music in January 2017. Having just released the title track from his forthcoming 'Everything Is A Drug' EP in April, it’s clear that 2017 is a year of global ambition for JNTHN. His music has since garnered over half a million streams online and seen him supported on respected outlets such as Complex Magazine, Beats 1 Radio, BBC Radio 1, KCRW and Spotify's New Music Friday playlist.

    His live show, where he sings and performs concurrently on his Ableton Push and Contrabass, showcases his talent as a multi-talented musician and performer.

    Sherry St. Germain

    Sherry St. Germain

    Sherry St. Germain is a classically trained multi-instrumentalist, producer and singer/songwriter.  Published with Kobalt music publishing and Nettwerk music publishing, she has written and produced over 100 songs for many successful Major Film and TV placements.  Known for her ability to create that perfect placement in 24 hours, Sherry is sought after for her extreme talent & catalogue of music.

    In studio sessions, Sherry’s production, songwriting and vocal skills create elite-level music that is acclaimed worldwide.  Born into a family of professional musicians, it was in her blood to create music. Since the age of 5, Sherry began to sing & play, taking a big interest in music. Attending jazz courses at the U of M at the age of 12. Sherry entered competitions at a young age where she would beat out even her teachers in composition contests. Winning many awards, she showed everyone that her path was to follow in the footsteps of her talented parents Glory St.Germain (ARCT, UMTC, Author of world-renowned Ultimate Music Theory series) & Ray St. Germain (Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame & Radio and Television Star).

    In 2009 Sherry’s album “Kick out the Lights” was featured in Billboard Magazine naming Sherry as Best Upcoming Artist.  She was then asked to perform with Cirque Du Soleil playing a flying piano and singing in their "Viva Elvis" production. In Las Vegas, she began performing 2 shows daily for the next 2 years. Sherry was then asked to do a residency at The Palms and it quickly became a must see among the “who’s who” of Las Vegas elite. Each night was a new experience and a full crowd of famous musicians supporting her such as; Elton’s John’s band, Celine Dion’s band, Slash’s band, Frankie Moreno, Mike Reno of "Loverboy," and Paul Shortino (Quiet Riot).

    Sherry has since broken out in the electronic scene and has done tracks with “Steve Aoki”(Neon Future 2), “Excision” (Virus), Stafford Bros, Nate Hill, Dr.Dre (Detox), Revolvr and Genesis.  Playing some of the biggest stages in the world such as Madison Square Gardens and Tomorrowland, Sherry is now focused on her collaboration project with Saratonin “AKYLLA” a live Electronic Duo utilizing all of her favorite Abelton tools.

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