• Lawrence Welk

    Music was my joy, my home, the one place I felt happy and secure.

    Lawrence Welk

  • Lionel Hampton

    Playing is my way of thinking, talking, communicating.

    Lionel Hampton

  • Bob Moog

    Every tradition was once an innovation.

    Robert Moog

  • Joan Jett

    My guitar is not a thing.

    It is an extension of myself.

    It is who I am.

    Joan Jett

  • John Philip Sousa

    Anybody can write music of a sort.

    But touching the public heart is quite another thing.

    John Philip Sousa

  • Maynard Ferguson

    Change is always happening.

    That's one of the wonderful things about jazz music.

    Maynard Ferguson

      • Museum of Making Music
        Something amazing is going on this table! Just one of the funky, fun interactive stations featured in our upcoming "Summer of Innovation" exhibition. Opening June 3rd!
      • Museum of Making Music
        Our friends from WalkMS are here! As a community partner, we invited them to host their early team check-in at the museum. Team captains are checking in for weekend's walk event in Carlsbad.
      • Museum of Making Music
        Ginormous Pop Rocks or motion controlled instruments that rock? The innovative @phonotonic changes your movements into music and is one of the many remarkable instruments you'll see in the museum's upcoming "Summer of Innovation" exhibition this June.
      • Museum of Making Music
        Nice threads! Want to show off your dreadnought love? We have something that might just be the perfect fit for you.
      • Museum of Making Music
        What's wrong with this guitar? Absolutely nothing! It's the EXO Insideout Guitar, a dreadnought style guitar built by Steve Rajski. Instead of placing the bracing on the inside, this instrument features it on the outside in an effort to enhance the guitar's tone.

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